Jetworks 771cc Built Rickter FR2 EVO for Sale

Completely built and maintained by us here at Jetworks, this is a great ski for surfriding and all-around fun, the engine is a fully built 771cc BigBore, with a top-end refreshed not too long ago. This ski needs nothing other than routine maintenance as all part choices and the build direction were dictated by Art and power tuned by him here in long beach. If you are interested please email us your contact info and we’ll forward it to our customer, this is being sold by him directly, but we know this is a great ski we can recommend.

Jetworks 771cc Big Bore Engine

Ported Cases

Billet Intake Manifold With V Force Cages

Dual Black Jack 44mm

Modified B pipe

Magnum Pump With Custom Jetworks Impeller

MSD Enhancer and TBM Flywheel

Billet RRP Pole Set Up

Bilge Pump, Aftermarket Fuel Tank, Front Foothold, Billet Battery Box, Billet Front Cover, Waterbox, Trim System and everything else you could possibly need.